We at Hope family Life, though with very limited financial resources strive to alleviate suffering, hunger and provide basic needs to the underprivileged. Our beneficiaries include but not limited to orphans, widows, single mothers, street children, victims of conflicts/wars, prisoners and the physically challenged. We provide materials ranging from foodstuffs, toiletries, beds, shelter, clothes to cash gifts to take care of pressing basic needs like healthcare and general wellness of the whole man.

Education and vocational training are necessary for creating a lasting change. We provide scholarships in the form of tuition fees, exam registration fees, skill training fees in diverse fields and equally provides books and other material necessary for learning. From 2014 to June 2019 we have provided scholarships to 51 pupils and students from primary school to university, trained 2 on skills: one girl on hairdressing and fashion and a boy on motor mechanics.

The demands are ever increasing and we hope that in the future we will harness more funds to expand our HOPE SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME.

With partners like the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education South West Region, Cameroon Institute of Arts and Sciences (CIAS) Buea, and Rhema Skill Acquisition Center Buea, HOFALIF organizes a career exhibition and talent show in secondary schools. The goal of this program is to provide career counseling, identify talents and connect beneficiaries to higher institutions, share job and career development opportunities. May be one of the greatest outcome is to identify, sponsor and follow up youths with exceptional natural talents.

All children everywhere have the right to a safe childhood and full mental and emotional development. Child labour, child sexual exploitation, early and forced marriages and every form of violence against children impede their full development and put them at risk. In our program HOPE FOR KIDS we advocate for an end to suffering, hunger, homelessness, child labour, child sexual exploitation and for the right of every child to education, training, healthcare and the right to speak. We believe that every child is unique and should be given the opportunity to express themselves in their unique ways.

We focus on women and girls, ex-prisoners, widows, single mothers, school dropouts, those wishing to leave prostitution and earn their own living otherwise and the poor who might not belong to any of the aforementioned categories but don’t have a dignified means of livelihood. We provide financial support for training and seed capital to start a small business and grow it.

Inspire love, Heal hearts, Change lives.