About Hope Family Life

Hope Family Life (HOFALIF) is a philanthropic and rights organization which works in Cameroon in general and with special focus on the two English speaking regions of North West and South West. Created and registered as a non-profit in January 2014 with headquarters in Buea, South West region, HOFALIF works to share goodness, reduce poverty and hunger and advocates for a world free from violence, discrimination and a world where the orphans, less privileged and those from the poorest families and remotest communities have decent access to education, training and economic empowerment.


- Inspire Love
- Heal Hearts
- Change Lives.

Our Mission

HOFALIF supports the less privileged in the areas of education, capacity building, advocacy, philanthropy and economic empowerment. We believe that NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY ALONE. Being a people-centred organization; we are passionate to see a world free from suffering, hunger, all forms of violence and sufferings.

Our Vision

We seek to build complete individuals and strong families for a better world. We believe the end of philanthropy and advocacy is to produce complete individuals who can take care of themselves and families and contribute positively and meaningfully to the development of the communities in which they live and work.

Our Values

We stand for the dignity of the human being regardless of the race, religion, social status, political point of view or gender. We believe human life is sacred and suffering not necessary. We strongly believe goodness and wellness should be shared in order to create a more equitable world.

About Our Founder

Born to a polygamist, Nkwenui Divine Nupuku lost his mother while he was just 3 months old and his father later passed on when he was just 8. Raised by his maternal grandmother of blessed memory, he had a difficult childhood. He experienced hatred, rejection, sufferings and survived and went through school just by the mercy of God and through the determination of his grandma.

His difficult childhood had a positive impact on him. He learnt from his own experiences that some people may never survive or succeed in life if help does not come to them from outside their family circle. When he began working and earning his own living, he began helping the needy especially students and pupils but soon came to the understanding that he alone couldn’t meet the ever-increasing need and that there were many other people who had similar passions. This led to the creation of Hope Family life in 2014.

He is a multi-talented, strongly passionate person with many skills and training. He is a teacher by training, a pastor by calling and training, a career counsellor, a relationship coach and a youth coach. He produces home products like bar laundry soap, medicated soap, liquid soap, powder detergent etc. He installs satellite dishes. He believes in DOING THINGS HIMSELF.

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No one should have to ever be alone

Being a people centered organization; we are passionate to see a world free from suffering, hunger, all forms of violence and sufferings.

Inspire love, Heal hearts, Change lives.